The United Arab Emirates is building up blockchain development in a proposal to become a vanguard center for modernity and thus the government is performing the majority of its transactions on the blockchain cloud. This transmigration seeks to cut the use of paper composition and reduced the million hours of work expected in handling paper-based documents in Dubai alone.

One of the greatest benefits of such technology is the use of trade finance and logistics solution that is needed to the import and re-export process of goods in and out of Dubai. Also, The blockchain services assist process shipment data to prime entrepreneurs that notify them about the state of goods and the phase of the shipment. Due to this increased popularity of blockchain services, The NineHertz provide the complete range of Blockchain technology solutions with Blockchain Strategy along with insights proof of concept Services. We are experienced enough in this field and able to solve any blockchain related query with more than 20 proficient blockchain developers.

Benefits of blockchain technology

  • Trustworthy exchange:

    By using Blockchain technology, two parties will be able to make a dealing without the guidance or mediation of a third party, strongly reducing or even removing the correspondent danger.

  • High-quality data:

    Blockchain data is proper, complete, consistent, and broadly available.

  • Ecosystem simplification:

    With all the proceedings being added to a single public ledger, it decreases the clutter and complexities of diverse ledgers.

  • Durability, authenticity, and lastingness:

    Due to the distributed networks, blockchain does not have a middle point of breakdown and thus able to go through with malicious attacks.

  • Faster purchasings:

    Interbank transactions can potentially take days for clearing and final agreements, specifically outside of working hours. Blockchain formations can reduce transaction times to minutes and can be processed 24×7.

  • Process integrity:

    Users can trust on that transactions will be executed exactly as the protocol commands removing the necessity for a trusty third party.

  • Transparency and immutability:

    All transactions are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or deleted. It means changes to public blockchains are publicly viewable by all the parties for creating transparency.

  • Empowered users:

    Users are in direction of all the blockchain related knowledge and activities.

  • Reduced transaction costs:

    By eradicating third party costs for exchanging assets, it has the potentiality to cut down the total transaction expenditures.

What we provide as a Blockchain Service Provider Firm

  • Blockchain as a Service

  • Blockchain Strategy & Insights

  • Proof of Concept Services

  • Blockchain Innovation Workshop

  • Blockchain Technology Services

  • Blockchain Innovation Workshop

  • Blockchain Innovation Workshop

What we deliver as a blockchain developer firm

The NineHertz is a blockchain service provider firm for enterprises and developers that provide a robust toolbox for establishing blockchain-based applications. Through The NineHertz applications, financial entities, municipal authorities, government entities and other firms will be able to engage directly with independent local businesses to drive entrepreneurship.

Our blockchain goals are to improve services that we provide to the global clients and deliver best products according to their requirements. We are well-versed in customization and implementation of blockchain financial services. If you are looking for a secure blockchain solutions, then your search ends with The NineHertz. We cater to industries in different niches. Allow us to add value to our organizations and give your customers an unmatched experience in doing business with you.

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