Finding your assembly instructions

Finding your assembly instructions

Do you need help assembling your IKEA furniture?
No worries! Hunt for the necessary item within the search bar above, when clicked on the item desired, you are going to find its assembly instruction on the item info page that you can obtain as a PDF.
Our product range

The IKEA product selection is great in a few ways. For starters, it is broad in function: you will find all that you have to furnish the house of yours, from plants and also living room furnishings to toys and entire kitchens. Next it is broad in style. The romantic at heart is going to find have just almost as the minimalist. And lastly, when it is coordinated, the number is broad in design and performance simultaneously, and also all the time. Absolutely no matter what approach you want, there’s a thing for everybody.
Anyone is able to create a good quality merchandise for a top price tag, or maybe a poor-quality merchandise for a reduced price tag. But in order to make goods that are excellent at costs that are lower , you have to create strategies which are both innovative and cost-efficient. That’s the reason at IKEA we use things a bit differently.

We model the sale price first

The LAMPAN was developed through the essential concept that it’s likely to mix an incredibly low cost with top quality and gorgeous design. With the low cost in mind, our designers started by previewing the entire production process, including components used, logistics, and also work and also transportation costs. The end result was a booming new packing technique where lampshade might be worn as a pail with the lamp base.
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We see things differently

One IKEA product designer chose to utilize a door as a tabletop as he toured a door factory which being used board-on-frame construction – layering of sheets of wood more than a honeycomb center that provides a powerful, little structure with a little wood content. This particular construction type is economical also eco friendly, and is being used now in IKEA products including the LACK table from 1980.
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Flat packing saves shipping cost

Our flat packs and also our customers’ readiness to create products themselves allow us to minimize work, delivery & storage costs. IKEA designs furnishings therefore it can certainly be loaded unassembled. Ultimately, that suggests we’re ready to provide our clients solutions at rates that are lower .

Responsibility for individuals as well as the environment

At the IKEA Group, we think that taking responsibility for individuals as well as the planet is a requirement for doing business that is great. IKEA works actively to bring down the impact of its on climate change and IKEA solutions should be made under acceptable working conditions by vendors which be responsible for the earth.

Great style and function

It is not simple pairing excellent feature and excellent style with the correct quality, at an inexpensive cost. Then again, we are not noted for taking the really easy way out. By working together with skilled manufacturers, IKEA designers look for ways to receive the best from a raw material. We’re continuously searching for sensible ways to satisfy our customers needs.

Materials and products

IKEA works to guarantee that goods as well as supplies are tailored to minimise a adverse effect on the atmosphere, and are protected for people from a wellness standpoint. As part of the business concept of ours, we demand keeping costs very low and try to attempt ikea Abu Dhabi

to utilize materials sensibly when developing the products of ours. We attempt make use of recyclable and renewable materials in the products and services of ours.

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