Premier Quality Real time Applications with Node.js Development

Node.js is known for open source, event-driven I/O server-side platform based on V8. To build real-time web applications, it is most favorable. Node.js has a shared repository of advanced tools and modules which is really easy to implement in the development of real-time web apps like ‘chat engine’ or team collaborators.

The NineHertz is gaining the lead as a top-class service provider of Node.js development. Our team of Node.js developers has a sound knowledge of development and their expertise is visible in our portfolio. We have a nice system of project management which handles your requirements with care. All necessary aspects like cost, budget, scope of the project, development phases, and delivery of end product are discussed beforehand with the client to make every possible effort transparent and best as per the business needs.

Thus, to give value to your business with the use of the latest technology and our expertise solutions you can hire the world’s top-level IT services. You can also take benefits of customized solutions by hiring Node.js developers from us.

Benefits from Node.js Development

    • Easy to install
    • Cross platform compatibility
    • Capable of handling e-commerce websites
    • Node.js reduces overall application development time

    • Developers get an enlightening backing
    • Node.js provide good amount of traffic to websites
    • Node.js saves loading time and thus enhance overall web performance
    • It supports code reusing feature

What we provide

As Node.js service provider firm
  • Web Portal development
  • Ajax development
  • Big Data web applications development
  • Content management tool & plug-in development
  • Real time chat applications development
  • Heavy load application development
  • Real time statistics exhibit
  • Synergistic application development
  • Custom application development
  • Ecommerce and shopping cart development
  • Application & system monitoring with supreme dashboard
  • Web APIS

The NineHertz Development Process

Come and join the leading node.js development company of Dubai, UAE to get a better deal with the latest development solutions. Our experienced team of developers understands today’s technical needs and they implement best of their skills in the development process. The team is habitual of analyzing things before implementing final changes and starts everything from ground level to achieve best-in-class quality.



UX/UI Design

Node.js Navigation Development


Testing and QA Services

Node.js Code Development

Expertise in creating business-specific apps having a very user-friendly interface.

100%bug-free apps
Premium quality appsat nominal cost
FlexibleWorking Hours
24/7Support & Maintenance
Maintainshigh confidentiality
100%Data & IP protection