The perfection in any mobile app only comes when it is tested properly to find out all kind of bugs and errors. Your mobile application represents your company and thus it is important that it works fine according to user’s expectations. After the launch of your smartphone application, a single discrepancy or even a small issue can ruin your brand as well as the developer’s reputation in the market. Mobile application quality assurance delivers user feedback and quality metrics at every stage of app development.

Our professionals in mobile application testing are always attentive toward the quality and performance. Our in-depth mobile app testing process generates the resulting application without any bugs and glitches.

Our Quality Assurance Services

The NineHertz is entirely responsible for creating the smartphone app that works flawlessly with the updated versions of OS. We provide the following quality assurance testing services –

  • Functional Testing – We ensure that the mobile app is functioning very well as per the requirements of users. Functional mobile app testing verifies that the data is flowing exactly in an expected manner including the sessions, calls etc. It also includes the validation of other functions such as multitasking, payment processing, scrolling, navigation etc.
  • Usability Testing – We make sure that our mobile app is easy to use for all kind of users before it reaches in their hands. We conduct the usability testing to check the effectiveness, efficiency, accuracy, and completeness of your smartphone app. It requires plenty of efforts and resources due to extreme manual work because only the human being can understand other user’s comforts with the application.
  • Performance Testing – It ensures that the smartphone application is performing well in terms of loading time, response time, battery consumption, memory leaks, network performance etc.
  • Security Testing – Mobile app security testing consists of the execution of various security validations including, authenticity, encryption, network, SQL injection, session management, input validation etc. We are fully responsible for performing the complete security check to protect your mobile app from any kind of attack.
  • Compatibility Testing – Due to the continuously evolving OS, compatibility testing is done to check the consistency of your smartphone app with all the platforms and devices. We execute the compatibility testing to validate that the application is working in a desired manner or not regardless of the screen size, resolution and version.
  • Memory Testing – Mobile devices are not the computer systems that can have a lot of storage spaces. The phone applications, requiring excessive memory may cause the unwanted termination. Hence, our team conducts the memory testing process to ensure that the mobile application is occupying the optimal space in the phone.
  • Interruption Testing – There should not be any unnecessary interruptions when the user is operating the smartphone app. These may include the interruptions like notifications or messages, network outage, low battery notification etc.

Our mobile app quality assurance experts at The NineHertz put their best efforts to test the application and also allows the client to test on his side before its final launch in the market. Our clients are our first priority and we always take care of what they want.

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